Planning Travel Using Your Home Computer And Smartphone

The baby boomer generation is becoming more and more savvy about the usage of computers and smartphones in order to improve their life and make their daily activities more efficient. There are a number of different things that you can do in order to improve your lifestyle, and have fun in the process! The advantages even extend towards travel, and in some cases these types of computers and apps can save you a lot of money in the end. Read on for some suggestions on different apps for different uses in the wild.

Hotel Apps

There are a bunch of new apps, including the new “Hotel Tonight” that can help travelers find great hotel rooms at last minute prices. Hotels have teamed up with the app developer to offer rooms at last minute prices in order to fill their hotels. Discounts can be very large in the end, and it’s relatively easy to use. If you’d like to book a suite at half price, check this app out.

Last Minute Flights

Another app that works similarly to Hotel Tonight is an app called FlightTonight. It is a similar concept where people can buy last minute flights to a destination of their choice. It’s a way for airlines to quickly dump seats that have not been sold.

However, these apps are a bit on the last minute side of things. If you’re a type A personality where you like to plan things out and ensure you’ve crossed every t and dotted every I, then I strongly suggest that you use your computer and phone to do some advance planning.

Using websites such as Expedia and Kayak can help you to ensure that you’re getting the best prices on plane fares as well as hotels and car rentals. Priceline even lets you make an offer for these things. You can plan an entire trip in just one evening, whereas before you would have to go to a travel agency to plan everything out. Home computers and smart phones are fast making the travel agency industry a dinosaur!

Prep Your PC For Travel Planning

If you’re not sure about this because your home PC hasn’t been working well, then I suggest a quick tune up and cleaning out extra files and programs. The main reason that computers slow down and don’t work so well is because they get cluttered with lots of junk. Most of the offending problems are in the form of programs that you don’t need which are running in the background. A program such as Spyhunter can help you to find and remove spyware programs, and a quick run of RegCure Pro can easily help you to stop programs from loading into memory when you turn on your computer. Check out this webpage for a review of the best software.

Once you get everything prepped, keep a .doc file for all your notes, and put it on the desktop. This will help you to easily reference your notes. Track prices, and write down flight times and hotel addresses. At the end of the planning, print out the page.